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Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation is a Value Option for companies seeking to reduce cost of IT staff and for IT organizations seeking to augment their teams with experienced experts possessing specific skills to mentor, regular consultants as well as for organizations looking at a temporary ramp-up of resources.


Cost Optimzation

Cost effective by saving direct and Indirect Costs. The estimated saving on a long term basis is around 30-40%.There is no extra head count on the client's payroll and results in 100% utilisation of resources.

Faster TAT(Turnaround Time)

The biggest challenge is to deliver projects on time and the biggest hindrance is lack of availability of skilled resources. Staff Augmentation serves the purpose of such time bound projects.

Wider Spectrum of Skills available

Agile's biggest strength in staff augmentation services is wide spectrum of technologies we support. We have forged industry alliances with technology vendors like Oracle SAP, Microsoft,etc that help ongoing knowledge enhancement. Agile has a strong expertise in Java , C++, Testing, Oracle, Business Intelligence, Sap and Microsoft Technologies.

Resource Optimization

With cost per hire increasing exponentially for every company, clients today look for opportunity for cost efficiency by resource optimization. Agile augments this by offering resources who can also be deployed for 100 Hrs a month for specific need.

Back Ground Checks

In today's environment companies are extremely cautious of Internal Security Threats in terms of data and IP related issues. A complete and thorough background checks done ensures that clients focus on their business of delivery and saves time and costs on support staff to conduct and manage such checks.

Staffing Process

Agile Recruitment Speed

Agile understands the time-sensitive nature of time bound projects and hence we are able to find and hire most suitable resources at short time.

Recruitment Strength

We have strong team of recruiters who have an establised record in Staff Augmentation delivery model. The team is always building and screening resources for potenital clients projects.The recruiters are technically sound to conduct first level of evalutaion.

Back Ground Verification

Agile provides complete Background Checks in terms of educational,professioanl and criminal background of the resources to be deployed at the client site. We have tied up with Third Party companies of international repute to conduct the same.


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