Tax Planning Services

by Robin Mark

Agile Tech Company is a full service provider of tax planning services and offers solutions to clients across the globe. The primary objective of our tax services group is to minimize a client’s overall tax burden whenever and wherever possible. Our tax planning services are directed primarily toward constructive tax planning beginning early in the year and maintaining close contact with our clients throughout the year.

The tax services we offer include not only the preparation and review of income tax returns, but also advance planning to minimize future taxes, advice on tax effects of proposed transactions, corporate reorganizations, assistance in such tax-oriented areas as executive compensation, pension plans, international tax reporting and planning, and other similar continuing services. We also have experience in providing assistance and advice in negotiations with taxing authorities. We also provide the following services:

  • Strategic Tax Planning
  • International Tax Services
  • Shareholder Tax Issues
  • Stock Option Planning
  • Payroll and Sales Tax Consulting
  • Non-Profit Organization Returns
  • Corporate, Partnership & Trust Tax Preparation

Our dedicated tax advisors will guide you through the complicated tax environment. They will help you develop a comprehensive tax plan that will reduce your tax burden and maximize your cash flow.